TR-069 Any Brand CPE

i installed genieacs@1.2.5 on fresh install ubuntu 18.04. Server

installation is succesfull on server,

but my all CPE not showing under devices, only mikrotik showing.

i want configuration support for any type & brand of device.

Could you please provide more details.
I have tested genieacs with ZTE, Zyxel, AVM, and ADB devices.

Did the devices work with another acs? With some devices it is necessary to enable TR069 and set the acs URL manually.

i read various post for configuration and applied them which created Mess.
i am trying to built full fledge ACS with almost all capabilities related to TR

yes. CPE devices are working fine. TR enabled. URl added succesfully.

i think there is misconfiguration issue.


Are your CPE able to reach ACS IP? They are behind a NAT?

yes, CPE is showing under devices

Please as @JonasGhost suggested, provide more details.

Enable debug on GenieACS config and try again to configure ACS on devices with problems.