ACS no reconoce CPE

I have mounted the GenieACS 1.2.8 server on an Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS and it is already running, however I am new to configuring this service and would like to know how to proceed.

I have configured a MikroTik and it is already recognized by the GenieACS, however I have done the same with a CPE EoC Slave and the GenieACS does not recognize it, why is that? How can I solve it?

Respondiendo a este hilo,
los modem EoC Slave en mi caso si bien el setup cuenta con los espacios de configuraciĆ³n y hace peticiĆ³n por el correspondiente puerto al ACS no tiene el modulo de administraciĆ³n TR069 por lo que el ACS no lo reconoce.
la marca de equipos es C-Data por lo que me he comunicado con soporte de ellos para obtener mayor informaciĆ³n acerca de como solucionar ese tema, espero que les pueda servir.
las ONT/ONU C-Data al menos el modelo 1GE+1FE+1WIFI+1CATV si vienen con el modulo TR069 por lo que si las reconoce el ACS.

what I did was to setup a ACS testing server and connected a CPE to it. After that it was a matter of experimenting, reading the docs and checking this forum for specific hints. Having Linux experience helps a lot otherwise you wouldnā€™t know how to deal with basic things like checking the logs.

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