How to register CPE to genieacs


how to register CPE to genieacs

In your CPE Administration section, you will find TR-069 or similar. There fill the link of the ACS server, along with the username and password.

ok i done that and i am failing to configure genieacs provisions and presets.

can u pls give complete information

In my case, I just set it like, along with username/password of cwmp/cwmp. Now I can see the device in ACS. Didn’t proceed further as I’m trying to finish the authentication. This is where I too stuck.

Hi soban,

In GenieACS documentation you can find all you need. Please, check this link Provisions — GenieACS Documentation 1.2.5 documentation

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Hi fdavidcn,
This link appears to be only helpful to those who understand javascript.

There isn’t a run down as to what to do when someone wants to push a configuration to a router nor is there much on the internet.

E.g. I’ve setup a GenieACS server and have pointed 2 different Draytek Routers to it. Both are showing as online. I then uploaded a firmware update file and did a test push to the one of the routers, but nothing happened. The other one is missing data as if GenieACS can only pull limited information from the router.

I know this is not meant to be a plug and play solution but it’s not as easy as it seems.


In my case, i was know some programming of C, and with that base and some help from internet (and here from documentation, and forum) i was able to setup a lab to help me to implement this with other solutions and do some tests over ONTs. You need time and patiente, read a lot.
In my case i had to read test , re-read many times almost for a year to trully understand what im doing and what i need.

Is not easy, but not impossible. If your are blocked to learn some programming (javascript, python) you won’t be able to do any action.

Here will be always someone to help you, and genieacs is a very good start. Also thinking as a product solution not only for testing propourses.

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Hi @Jordan-TCWG,

I totally agree with @mtarifa. GenieACS is not easy, but if you put effort to it, you can will manage it without issues.

The first thing you need to read and understand is that GenieACS and any other ACS software, are based on TR-069 protocol, also known as CWMP (CPE Wan Management Protocol). I recommend you that read about that. There is a lot of information on internet of it.

The second thing is that you should know just a little of JavaScript language because in GenieACS, all provision scripts are written mostly in JS.

When you have this two points under control and you read again GenieACS documentation, you will understand practically all and you can will manage all CPE’s under GenieACS without issues :wink:


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GenieACS is NOT a product you can setup without some programming experience. If you do not have the technical abilities in house, then you need to pay for a support contract by emailing