CPE does not connect to ACS server

Hello everyone, I have a problem with a CPE, the model is HUAWEI WIFI WS5200.
The CPE does not connect to the ACS server, even changing the port, it does not generate traffic between the CPE and the ACS.

  • The connection through ping was tested.
  • There is no NAT between the CPE and the ACS
  • The CPE is authenticated by PPPoE
  • The ACS server settings are correct and working on other equipment of the same model, with the same firmware version and hardware version.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s help and I apologize if my English is not very correct, I’m Brazilian and I still don’t master the language very well.

Thanks again…

Did your device tried send Inform to ACS ?
because i have similar issue and none of Huawei devices follow inform and send second request with 204 NoContent Header .

Hello, I managed to solve the problem, updating the GenieACS, the inform is being sent from both the CPE and the GenieACS.
I’m using version v1.2.8+ of genie…