CPE does not connect to ACS server

Hello everyone, I have a problem with a CPE, the model is HUAWEI WIFI WS5200.
The CPE does not connect to the ACS server, even changing the port, it does not generate traffic between the CPE and the ACS.

  • The connection through ping was tested.
  • There is no NAT between the CPE and the ACS
  • The CPE is authenticated by PPPoE
  • The ACS server settings are correct and working on other equipment of the same model, with the same firmware version and hardware version.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s help and I apologize if my English is not very correct, I’m Brazilian and I still don’t master the language very well.

Thanks again…

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Did your device tried send Inform to ACS ?
because i have similar issue and none of Huawei devices follow inform and send second request with 204 NoContent Header .

Hello, I managed to solve the problem, updating the GenieACS, the inform is being sent from both the CPE and the GenieACS.
I’m using version v1.2.8+ of genie…

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You should create new post for problem, and don’t spam with it.

First of all did You set everything correctly on TR-069 configuration page? GenieACS add device automatically when there are connection from CPE. You cannot add manually.

Can You ping CPE from ACS?
CPE have access to subnet of ACS?

And one more thing. I don’t know is it clear, but You ACS are on WAN side of CPE not LAN?

Necromancy is frowned upon. Please create a new post that is related to just your issue.

Then i don’t know.
Maybe if You can’t see any traffic it related to some other settings, maybe routing.

By default CPE has status “Online” for 5 minutes, “Past 24 hours” between 5 minutes and 24 hour and “Others” after 24 hour.

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