TP-Link provisioning

We started using GenieACS a while ago and I have some questions as I don’t understand everything. Now I use TP-Link Agile Config to put default config on our devices (which isn’t the most efficient way).

Our scenario now:
The TP-Link Archer C6 connected to Huawei ONT have preconfigured ACS data. After factory reset, the ONT has management native vlan and I can still reach the device remotely.

Our goal is to have zero-touch config. So I have few questions:

  1. I tried to use option 43 to put configuration to the device but it doesn’t seem to work. Do you know if TP-Link can use it?
  2. I can’t configure VLAN on TP-Link which is crucial as we offer tripple play. Now we need to remotely login to router web config to set it up.
  3. I can’t reach WiFi stations or DHCP clients on TP-Link - is it possible with GenieACS?

All of these questions would be better directed to your TP-Link sales engineer.

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Yes, I know, I tried. But TP-Link support is ok for end user, for ISP it’s completely useless (at least here in Poland) so I tried my luck here. Another way may be changing vendor to some with better support.

I’ve found Zyxel to be fantastic for support. Comtrend is (usually) good too.

Adtran/SmartRG is terrible for support. I’m actively trying to avoid buying any more Adtran routers.

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