Succesfully registered huawei ont

Hi guys , I successfully registered my huawei ont on genieacs.
Is someone doing same ? can we share some experience ?
Lets do!

I have managed huawei and zte using genieacs, but not for provisioning step, as I use their ems to configure them.

Dear encarta , thanks for your reply.
Can you explain:
What are their “ems” ?
How do you configure them ? what are parameters you can tweak for huawei ont ?


Hello… It’s ems/nms that come with huawei/zte’s OLT.

In order to be able to manage their ont, you have to create tr069 wan first. Unless it’s preconfigured with ont’s firmware, the most effective way to do it is by pushing the wan config via OLT’s EMS

I just learned that you can set the ACS server on the ONU’s from the OLT for ZTE like so:

pon-onu-mng gpon-onu_1/1/X:X
tr069-mgmt 1 acs

Louis , it is great date, Im doing so , but can not see url settings printed at ont settings.
Do you ?

Hi Leo,

Yes, When I log into the ONU under TR069 Management the ACS URL automatically fills in the with data from the pon-onu-mng.

AHHH , so you can do it with ZTE ? what about huawei olt / ont ? Does it work also ? if so … would you share some config lines ?

Yes, huawei has ACS URL Configuration.
You have to create ACS Configuration Profile at U2000 and then put in the each ONT Configuration.