Modem on Brdige mode after FactoryReset

Hi all, I’m new in the forum but I search for this problem in previous topics and I didn’t find it so I created this thread. I’m trying to implement the GenieACS server where I work and everything is going fine but there’s one problem we haven’t been able to solve yet.

We are testing in many different kind of modems and routers and some of them go into Bridge mode after factory reset. Is there a way for the ACS to find them again? I tried DHCP options but since the modem is on Bridge mode there’s no way for it to ask for DHCP information on WAN.

Thank you

Here is how you handle that. This will require updating the config on the CPE.

Create two services on the CPE. One service is for the customers internet (pppoe, dhcp, however your environment is configured) and the traffic is untagged. And another service bound to another vlan that is just for CPE management.

This will allow you to always have communication with the CPE, no matter what mode its in, routed, bridged, customers account is disabled, etc.


Thank you very much for responding. Making two services is useful and a good idea for supporting CPE when configurations change. But my main problem really is that after Factory reset, all configurations, including the services and vlans, dissapear. The only WAN connection left is one bridged connection and the internal private LAN of the CPE. The CPEs we are testing now are the TP-Link W8960N V5 and they lose all services after factory reset except one bridged ATM VC and we can’t remotely update the config because the ACS can’t find them anymore.

Get in touch with your supplier for documents how to make a reset save configuration.

With zyxel devices it is called RomD. It depends on the manufacturer how to create reset save configuration and deploy them in large scale.