Problem with Huawei Echolife EG8145V5 and GenieACS

Hi guys,

I absolutely need an help because with my CPE Huawei Echolife EG8145V5, If I modify something on the CPE after it is provisioned, when I reboot it, it loses the changes? Why ?

Hi, because it has a customized config that is persistent. You should ask this at the distributor/vendor as this is not a problem with the TR069 ACS. The ones I encounter, had some customization made for vodafone, with 4 wan connection (voip, iptv, mobile net and tr069 management).

Oh ok…But we don’t have the customized config…but we push from the OLT a PPPoE and a TR069 profile to allow the CPE to contact GenieACS…
In doing so GenieACS is able to provision but then precisely if I change something on the cpe and restart it this causes many problem

How could we avoid this?

It depends … if non WAN connection parameters change, this is probably do to a customized persistent config installed at factory. One workaround I found was to download the config from the CPE, change it by removing the persistent stuff (it was a long time ago, I don’t remember exactly what) and restore the modified config. This prevents the boot reset but needs to be repeated in case of a factory defaults reset. If the configs lost are just related to WAN connections, it’s because they are deleted and created via OMCI … you could run a provision at 1 BOOT event and reconfigure the needed parameters.

Yes the configs are just related to WAN connections, and I rerun the provision script on 1 BOOT.
But the problem is for example when I do a manually port-forwarding and I reboot the CPE, when the CPE recomes up, it has lost the port-forwarding

@lavira Could you please help me with this?

Is there anyone who can kindly give me some advice?

I´m actually experiencing something similar. The routers just lose some configuration like firewall or some wan settings. After we reset them, they do provision ok. What I noticed is if I log into the router and manually press Save settings, the router does not loose the settings any more. It also happens with other Huawei ONT.

I tried to save from the router but anyway if I restart it some things like port forwarding it loses them