How to Reconfigure factory reset router

when my router factory reset all configuration r069 URl and PPPOE all is reset give me support ists how to configure remotely using geniacs without going to my coustomer end

If your device support ACS discovery, something that every carrier class device should support, I would use a untag management VLAN with a DHCP server that push the ACS server URL via ACS discovery and set an ACL on this management VLAN so it couldn’t reach anything else than the ACL server.

After, once connected to the ACS server, you can do a provisionning script that will create a second WAN with a tagged VLAN and set it in PPPoE mode with all needed config.

Thank you but i need help

My router is connected to Untag vlan PPPoe. Username password.

PPPOE service is used NAT ip

When internet is connected

Router showing online at GenieACS server

But unable to change any configuration
Showing ERORR. No contact from CPE

Give me any solution this NAT ip problem