How to save CPE config


I am very new to genieacs, so please help me with this.
Is there way to save pppoe username, wifi name and password, so that when devices get reset it will automatically add last known config.

Define reset. Do you mean rebooted? Or do you mean factory defaulted?

The CPE should store the information written to it across reboots. But when factory defaulted it will go back to the configuration written to eeprom/flash memory.

Some vendors allow you to commit your running config to the default config. I don’t recommend this for many reasons, not the least of which you will end up with a situation where you have stored the users pppoe username/password and that customer turns the equipment back in. How to you reset it? The only way is to upload a new config, or battle through trying to unconfigure it with the ACS and write those values to memory.

What you want to do is run a script on 0 BOOTSTRAP and query your subscriber management system for what settings the device should have for that customer. This way everything is entirely automated. If the customer or some field tech factory defaults the CPE, support does not have to get involved in fixing things.

So i ended up created a database and storing config for each device,
when the device gets factory reset, it fetches data from database and configures modem automatically.

Hello @manjunath1110 ,
I saw your post it looks good could you please give me idea with the device factory reset what will you do like how do you store data and resend the data to cpe after being reset like there won’t be any connection like the ip and acs url (I’m using ONT and pppoe for connecting to the internet)