MAC 00:00:00:00:00:00 and offline

Hello everyone!

I connected a router in Genieacs, it shows up online in the platform, but when I give “summon”, reboot or any other update, an error message “Device Offline” appears.

Este é o único router que testei onde este problema ocorre, mas a sua folha de dados diz que é compatível com o GenieACS.
Is this a configuration error on my server with GenieACS or is it really a router firmware incompatibility?

I recommend you to stick to English. You said that’s the only case you have with this specific CPE model, so I assume you get this on production ?

There’s a number of things to check:

  • can you ping the CPE form the ACS and vice versa?
  • Firewall on the ACS side. (firewall NOT be needed if your ACS is inside a VLAN)
  • CPE configuration. I have to guess it was configured once because you already have it on the ACS, but does still point to the Acs at the current configuration?
  • current value of InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer.ConnectionRequestURL ? If it has a value as it should, what happens if you use wget/curl on the value from the ACS server ?
  • Which keys correspond to the wan device on your device model?

If everything else fails then you might want to try a factory reset of CPE and start from scratch.