FactoryReset device survive

Hi ,
i didn’t got any reply on my last topic ( Bulk enforce TR069 config to cpe devices ) to protect devices who make FactoryReset from device panel or even with those pin button physically placed on side of device .

how did you guys managed to survive from factoryreset and got back access to device with tr069 protocol ?

not sure if this will answer your question, but here goes nothing:

if I understood correctly, our OLT has a profile for each CPE (which is configured by our management software), which configures the ACS location – among lots of other things like a VLAN for a wan device which gives access to the ACS. The techies in charge of physically install the CPE are in charge to factory reset the device at least once while setting it up.

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thanks for reply
i don’t think this would be way to survive xDSL devices from FactoryReset but may useful to work with cpes that works on fiber optic connectivity . most of our customers in our asia still using technologies like xDSL and we looking for a solution that covered that too