TR069 save configuration to router

Hi guys,
Iam using the tr-069 protocol, and I’d like to know if you can can make the router to save some config given by the tr-069 server. This way, if the servers gets down for some reason, the clients have some basic configuration.

I’ve tested the server with some wan settings, but every time the router get rebooted, the ACS needs to re-send all the config paramteres. I’d like to write to the flash some parameters using the ACS server.

Thanks for help!

I think there is a problem with your CPE software, resulting in the failure to save the configured parameters issued by TR069 to Flash. At this time, if the TR069 server is damaged, even if the CPE is restarted, all business parameters should be able to work normally.
At least when I use the Genieacs platform, I did not encounter the problem of losing the configuration after restarting the CPE.

Thanks for the reply jakeny…Do we need to pass any extra tr069 element or parameter to save configuration in cpe.or just the fields we need to save .

Generally, the following actions are recommended:

  1. Compare and verify with other competing products to check whether the same situation will happen;
  2. Manually operate the configuration parameters on the CPE GUI, restart CPE, and check whether the business parameters can take effect normally. If they can take effect normally, the configuration parameters issued by TR069 should not be lost. You need to further analyze the CPE software code.
  3. It is recommended to consult your RD and CPE software to see if there is a customization requirement.

ok Thanks, There is commit option in genieacs, is there any option as such i can use to save configuration

Can i know is it beacause of commit option in genieacs the configuration is getting saved

I have the same problem.
My tr-069 server (GenieACS) gives the CPE some config, but, if the user reboot the CPE and the tr-069 servers is no online, the CPE looses all the configs given by the server. I don’t know if this is normal.

@vicente.roca May I Know which onu you are using

I’ve been doing my test with a Huawei FTTH EchoLife EG8245H


As an example, this parameter I can not save it permanently:

I’ve tried others, and they do stick after a router reboot.

Commit does not do what you think it does.

It depends on the CPE and/or vendor, if it supports saving the configuration. Some devices have this enabled from the factory (a firmware “default” - “preserve configuration” = “yes”).

Some CPEs support saving config to a TFTP/HTTP server (once they receive it via ACS). Some CPEs support storing config on device itselft (and it is used if ACS does not respond in certain time period).

But, how this is handled, differs from vendor to vendor. So, contact your CPE’s vendor for more info. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, redundancy and/or high-availability set-up for ACS.


Ok…Can I also know why only few parameters are shown in genieacs even when router is configured on wan settings. I am not able to see wan parameters in the genieacs tree.
can i know the reason?

Ok i will check with the vendor team for above settings mentioned and try

GenieACS only displays minimum of parameters - it does NOT download COMPLETE parameter tree. Only what is explicitly read or configured is shown.
This way it works faster - some CPEs still are not very fast. This is the only reason.

If you WANT the whole data model, you can retrieve it, via provisions script which does this. If you really need it. :slight_smile:

If you need a specific parameter(s), retrieve it via “declare” function.

where can i get that provision script?what is the script actually contain?How can i push that file to device?

You write it yourself. :slight_smile:

We are not talking about scripts that get downloaded to device. We are talking about scripts (in GenieACS called “provisions”) which instruct ACS HOW to configure your device.

Check online documentation and the forum for extensive examples:

Ok Got it

Most device parameters are missing

The Acs server we are using works fine with few vendors…only i have problem with two vendors Alphion and Genexis. Is there any thing that we need to set in device or ACS server so that it will save configuration after reboot.