Add CPEs to ACS

Hi there, happy new Year!

It’s been a while we’ve been implementing GenieACS on our Network and until recently we had 1-5k CPEs per week being added to it by the new costumers or the old ones who contact our call-center, but, now that we reached a certain value, it’s been hard to increase that amount.

Any ideas on how to increase those numbers? I thought about using RPAs, but, I’d like to know if there are any other approaches to try first.

Thanks so much in advance! Have a good week.

Can you please explain what the actual issue is?

We want to add CPEs to the ACS, but, the only way we actually thought of doing so is by accessing it’s web interface and setting ACS configs manually, so, maybe that could also be done by RPAs (in theory).

We wanted to know if anyone tried this approach of using RPAs to access CPEs and set ACS configs or if the only way would be manually access all the cpes do so.

The way this is typically handled is your CPEs come with a config on them specific to your network. This is either done by your distributor/VAR, or by manually loading the config on the CPE.

If your plan is to convert thousands of existing CPEs per week over to using an ACS, the most robust way of accomplishing your goal would be to come up with a new config file for your CPE and build a little craplet/web app where the agents put in the IP of the router and your code auth’s and uploads the correct config file thus kicking off the process to onboard the router to the ACS.

If you want to save existing settings on the router (wifi/LAN/port forwards/etc), things get a lot more complicated.

The problem is that we have way more home routers than ONTs on our network, so, maybe the only way to increase the amount of CPEs using the ACS is to accessing their (routers) web interface and setting ACS configs manually.
Maybe we’re gonna make a RPA to do it by accessing their IPs or something similar as that mass firmware upgrade like you said.

If we only had ONTs on our network this would be a lot easier, since it’s auto-provisioning is actually working (in fact, you helped us a lot with that flow on gh), but, we need to figure out how to accomplish things in the actual scenario with routers trying some different approaches.

Anyway, thanks so much for your help once again, AkCoder! Hope you have a great week!

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As I know most of the ONT comes with the function to configure the TR-069 ACS server via NMS or OMCI if the ACS setting doesn’t come with the default setting on ONT. Therefore, you have two ways to achieve this.

  1. Flash the default configuration with the ACS setting when you provide the ONT during the installation.
  2. Enable the OMCI provision function on OLT and configure the TR069 WAN, profile, and ACS setting via OMCI remotely. Below is an example of how to achieve this via Huawei MA5800 OLT.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your input.

Currently, we’ve implemented the configuration process for Huawei ONTs as suggested. However, our network primarily consists of common routers with ONU bridge functionality. The challenge we face is integrating these routers, which are already part of our network but lack ACS configuration. Unlike ONTs, these routers cannot be configured via OMCI (i could be wrong here).

If you have any alternative suggestions or insights on addressing this scenario, we’d greatly appreciate your guidance.


If you have an Ethernet router behind an SFU, the only way to re-configure the ACS setting on the Ethernet router might be using the remote HTTP interface or SSH interface. If you know their IP address mapping with the device’s SN/MAC address, you can write a Python script with Selenium or SSH to enable the ACS settings individually. That’s how I did before to enable some CPE settings for the deployed CPE in the field.


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