About configuring acs url

Hello, can we provide genieacs URL without going through management UI / router default gateway UI, Is there any other way we can give ACS URL without getting into the configuration page?

If your WAN connection is DHCP you can do this trough DHCP OPTION 60

Keep in mind it does not always work, I’ve seen partial implementations (tp-link) where the CPE would set the URL but would keep the ACS client turned off.


  • The CPE must send the option 60 with the string (dsl-forum.org or broadband-forum.org depending if device1 or device2), and you should check that TR069 client is enabled over the WAN interface that you are using.
  • DHCP server must send the ACS url (ip or fqdn with the proper tcp port like via Option43.1
  • You need to add on the ACS the user/password for autentication if your are using one, because the CPE will send the one that is configured by default on firmware, or you need to change/configure one.