How to use geneies acs

Hello Everyone,
we have just installed and exited to start using on our small wisp.

How do we discover router on the network if the url has not been entered?
What we intend to do is directly send out the routers to our users and then remotely configure the devices.

We use ppp auth radius how do we ping our users?

Any other documentation that can help us start will be really helpful.

Thank you,


I’m also new here, but I believe the correct way to do that is by using DHCP option 43. A bit more of research on that here could help you.

DHCP option 43 for the ACS URL. You probably want to do option 121 as well to add a static classless route back to your ACS server.

@tiger4020, depending on what your equipment supports, ideally you want to configure your customer prem equipment with two network interfaces. One for PPPoE, and one management. Our management network is DHCP and we use option 43 and 121.

Maintaining two interfaces gives you a lot of benefits. You can always see signal levels of the equipment, even if the customers service is turned off for non-payment. You can also switch the equipment back and forth between routed and bridged without the customer needing to factory default the equipment.

Thank you the replies. What if I am unable to have 2network interfaces? Currently its running only on PPPoE.