Change ACS url in GenieACS


I’ve installed GenieACS to manage a fleet of 5000 CPEs. On these CPE, the url of the ACS is implemented directly in the firmware.

Here is the url :

What do I need to change in GenieACS to make CPE connect to the ACS through this url ? Please do not consider the “https” part. It’s the “dps-digest/TR069” that bother me.

Thank you for helping me.


Is there no way to change the ACS URL in the CPE? I have yet to encounter a CPE that won’t let you set a completely customer ACS URL (including scheme, hostname, port and path).

Baring that, you can setup a reverse proxy to listen on and proxy those requests to your GenieACS instance.


Thank you for your time.

To asnswer your question, yes it’s possible to change the ACS URL in the CPE, but with more than 5000 CPE I was hoping to avoid this task by setting a parameter in GenieACS.

I will give a look to your suggestion about a reverse proxy.