X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File

in few documents i have shown they say upload file as X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File for update mikrotik default configuration. i am using genieacs 1.2.5 and in my files section there is no file type as X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File. so how can i update or resolve that issue.
my basic requirement is if some one or any reason reset my device it should inform to my acs after reset

try to do a put with the new config file, this should make the custom file type appear in the UI list:

curl -i 'http://localhost:7557/files/mikrotik-default-config.rsc' \
-X PUT \
--data-binary @"./mikrotik-default-config.rsc" \
--header "fileType: X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File" \
--header "oui: 123456" \
--header "productClass: ABC" \
--header "version: 1.0"

PS: adjust the API URL, file name, oui …etc, based on your settings

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You can type “X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File” in the box now - it isn’t just a drop down list, you can choose an existing item from the drop down list or enter your own.

oh, thats ok, can anyone say about sample factory configuration sample file. as a example i need following things

  1. add dhcp client to the ether 2

  2. enable TR069 and add my ACS address

See the MikroTik best practice example here for the X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File