Genieacs 1.2.0 mikrotik routeros


i have just install genieacs 1.2.0 beta.

I have succeded, to implement the X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File to update default configuration.

I now want to supply the configuration of the routeur on BOOT.

I have create a preset :

config_download Boot 800 1 BOOT [download_config]

And i have create a provision :

log('downloading config file');
declare("Downloads.[FileType:3 Vendor Configuration File]",
        {path: 1}, {path: 1});
declare("Downloads.[FileType:3 Vendor Configuration File.FileName",
        {value: 1}, {value: "file.xml"});
declare("Downloads.[FileType:3 Vendor Configuration File].Download",
        {value: 1}, {value:});

in the file.xml i have :

<upgrade version="1" type="links">

When i reboot the router i have an error in genieacs:

name: Error
message: Invalid alias expression
stack: |-
  Error: Invalid alias expression
      at Function.parseAlias (/opt/genieacs/dist/bin/genieacs-cwmp:2:37802)
      at Function.parsePath (/opt/genieacs/dist/bin/genieacs-cwmp:2:38260)
      at Function.parse (/opt/genieacs/dist/bin/genieacs-cwmp:2:38947)
      at declare (/opt/genieacs/dist/bin/genieacs-cwmp:2:42225)
      at download_config:4:1

Any idea of what’s wrong ?


You are missing a bracket in line 4 of provision.
…File.File… -> …File].File…


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Thanks, and sorry it’s a noob error.

I have some error, on boot the mirktoik connect to genieacs something append, but when the router is up again i don’t have the configuration that i needed.

Here is the log on the mikrotik :

12:32:41 echo: tr069,debug send: ""
12:32:41 echo: tr069,debug rcvd: GetParameterNames
12:32:41 echo: tr069,debug send: GetParameterNamesResponse
12:32:41 echo: tr069,debug rcvd: GetParameterNames
12:32:41 echo: tr069,debug send: GetParameterNamesResponse
12:32:41 echo: tr069,debug rcvd: GetParameterValues
12:32:41 echo: tr069,debug send: GetParameterValuesResponse
12:32:41 echo: tr069,debug rcvd: SetParameterValues
12:32:41 echo: tr069,debug send: SetParameterValuesResponse
12:32:41 echo: tr069,debug rcvd: Download
12:32:41 echo: tr069,debug send: DownloadResponse
12:32:42 echo: tr069,debug session finished ok

Stopping services...

12:32:42 echo: tr069,debug scheduled next Periodic Inform after 300 seconds
12:32:42 echo: tr069,debug starting session, events: [7 TRANSFER COMPLETE, M Download (16e174a16830004), ]
12:32:42 echo: tr069,debug send: Inform
12:32:42 echo: tr069,debug rcvd: InformResponse
12:32:42 echo: tr069,debug send: TransferComplete [""]
12:32:42 echo: tr069,debug rcvd: TransferCompleteResponse
12:32:42 echo: tr069,debug session finished with error: ""
12:32:42 echo: tr069,info performing config overwrite

I have try tu jsut push the file via the genieacs ui and it works like a charm, the router get the configuration, reboot and apply it.

How can i enable debug of genieacs ?

Not sure what you really wan’t to achieve, but… if you want to change default configuration file, then you should use “X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File” type in the provision script as well. Try replacing “3 Vendor Configuration File” with “X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File” in the script.
Also I think you have to put “file.rsc” on GenieACS so it is directly accesable (not via “file.xml”)

The problem was that i try to use the xml file to download the .rsc file, but directly point to the .rsc file works.

I would still be able to activate the logs, is there a documentation on how to do that ?

Perhaps Try The Easier Way To Accomplish This :slight_smile:

And This :

Try The Easier Way !


Your videos are an excellent source, but they don’t cover newest (1.2.0-beta.0) version of GeenieACS. Files you are referring on 35:35 of your first video don’t exist in the installation that was done according to the official installation guide.


Same issue here. everything I find is instructions for 1.1, not 1.2

how did you get the X Mikrotik config working on 1.2?

I have the same question. How do you make the X MIKROTIK type file? in genieacs 1.1 you have to change a file but in genieacs 1.2 how?

I use 1.20 and I have same problems.
No news?

Hi ,
Any way to add a new file type in genieACS 1.2.0 ?

Please help and thanks in advance. @zaidka @akcoder

How do you make the X MIKROTIK type file in genieacs 1.2.1 please ?

I’m afraid you’ll have to modify the source to add this custom type. But now that I’m thinking about it, it would make sense to allow the user to enter any custom type when they upload a new file. Will consider adding this option.

@ana @zaidka Yes i found the way some days ago,
genieacs 1.2.1 from sources ,
modified file \ui\files-page.ts at line 52 and file \ui\drawer-component.ts at line 105.

adding “X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File”,. It works fine. json object sent to api works too.

For sure, a functionnality for adding custom file type in Admin/Config menu would be great.

I have also have been trying to get the “X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File” option to work. I have version 1.2.3 working fine except for that function. In this version " \ui\files-page.ts" does not exist. Does anybody have any other work arounds for this version.

Same as shoffman, can not find the file-page.ts, any tips ?