Can't push xml file on GrandStream via GenieACS

I am new to genieacs, I am trying to provide my GrandStream phones via genieacs but i’m getting this error when I push my xml file on my grandstream phone (model GXV3380):

faultCode: “9018”
faultString: File is invalid!
setParameterValuesFault: null

This is my script to run at boot :

declare(“Downloads.[FileType:3 Vendor Configuration File]”, {path: 1}, {path: 1});
declare(“Downloads.[FileType:3 Vendor Configuration File].FileName”, {value: 1}, {value: “cfgc074ad0379f8.xml”});
declare(“Downloads.[FileType:3 Vendor Configuration File].Download”, {value: 1}, {value:});

and this is my config file :

cfgc074ad0379f8.xml 3 Vendor Configuration File C074AD GXV3380 1

(I dont really know what to put for version)
this config file worked great when i used tftp server to provide my phones.


Everything you have in your script looks correct.

Is this the same file you used to send via tftp? If so, I suggest you reach out to the vendor as the phone may want a different FileType. Mikrotik is an example that comes to mind for this.

Yes it is the same file, but I don’t really understand what you are suggesting me, I am sorry i am a little bad in english.

Are you telling me to use another file type than xml?
Or maybe you are talking about the vendor file type.

What I’m saying is some devices, like the Mikrotik won’t accept a file type of 3 Vendor Configuration File. It wants X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File. Maybe your device is the same way? You will need to contact the vendor for more info.

ok thank you very much, I will dig this

Well, it looks like vendor configuration file is the only config file type supported by GrandStream GXV3380:
this come from the official GrandStream doc about TR-069

Its really weird because genieacs sends the file like u can see there :

I see no error on wireshark.

After looking into logs of the phone it seems that the phone reject the config file, but it is the same that i used on my tftp server.

Is it possible that genieACS edits the file before sending it or something like that ?
thanks, Best regards !

GenieACS makes no changes to the files. More likely, something on the phone itself transforms the file when its retrieved via tftp. Check to see if its something as simple as the file being null terminated when it shouldn’t be. I would also contact the vendor for help, they may be able to shed some light on whats going on.