STUN Issues with 1.2.5

Hey folks,

I have installed new 1.2.5 but having issues getting STUN working properly … with v1.1 is working fine.

  • I’m setting up STUN address and ports properly on CPE during bootstrap
  • InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer.UDPConnectionRequestAddress is reported properly by CPE
  • stunserver is running on the same server as GenieACS and have --reuseaddr enabled …
  • cwmp.udpConnectionRequestPort defined as 3478

but on the logs I see the following :

Tried same setup with v1.1 works properly … Having hard time understand where the issue can be

@zaidka Any comments here ?

Looks like it should work so I’m not sure. Maybe double check the connection request username and password.

@zaidka This seems to be the issue …

Jun 15 10:46:40 (none) daemon.err syslog: stunc:70.482:checkSignature:421:unknown user name :<EC4F82-ONT-CXNK00296E9C><admin> 131

Disabled the inform provisioning for now … Which did not helped also … I have correct information on ConnectonRequestUsername and Password and can see that device is set with the same, but when STUN requests comes device gives authentication error.

Connected same device on different ACS and works fine there … Will recheck with v1.1 again