War of GenieACS and STUN Continues

So, we got this GenieACS with its port 7547 and STUN operating at port 8547.
The CPE initially reports to the ACS but if I check the STUN packets, my CPE sends Binding request to the STUN but I never see Binding response back. Instead what is see is a lot of Destination Unreachable ICMP packets whose source is the STUN and the destination is my CPE. Eventually, STUN linking with the CPE fails.

And the rest is the same story, NATDetected is zero, UDPCONNREQADDR is empty.

All of us here at GenieACS forum, do we know why this issue keeps coming with STUN and how we can resolve it ? If you need any info, please feel free to ask.

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In Admin config section make sure you added
cwmp.udpConnectionRequestPort = 3478 (default) or 8547 as described above. I use Coturn as it allows two processes to access the same UDP Port.

in the /opt/genieacs.env UDP_CONNECTION_REQUEST_PORT=3478

set the port accourdingly as well.

Sure, @rmudryk . I will try that out.

When I added the the line to the config in the UI it just started working. Good Luck! Now if I can only get XMPP working! got the CPE’s working, and populating the ACS correctly but the ACS just will not connect to the XMPP server :frowning: