Session timeout: Device is not detected by GenieACS


some CPE devices are not being able to be detected by GenieACS. I verified this same situation in two different equipments. The “session timeout” messages appears in GenieACS logs:

2020-12-14T11:28:07.166Z [INFO] 4C6E6E-M1200S-M1944000094: Inform; cpeRequestId=“1” informEvent=“0 BOOTSTRAP” informRetryCount=0
2020-12-14T11:28:38.175Z [ERROR] Session timeout; sessionTimestamp=1607945287163 deviceId=“4C6E6E-M1200S-M1944000094”

It seems that Router is closing the connection before completing the entire process (see the trace below when ONU sends FIN, ACK message). I used another ACS to guarantee that problem is not on ONU and it worked as expected.
Also, I didn’t notice any big gap time between the messages… just to also discard the problem already comment in the forum (about the keep-alive timeout which is 5 seconds).

Can anyone help? This situation is only happening with GenieACS, that’s why I’m suspicious that the problem is related to some particular configuration in the ACS.

It appears the CPE isn’t conforming to the spec, as is very common, in that its not closing the session properly.

@zaidka has just addressed this in the latest master branch (which will be v1.2.4).

See this thread for more information.