Seeing session timeout in GeniACS logs with two BOOTSTRAP

I’m working with a residential gateway with tr69 support, After every FR the GW sends the “0 Bootstrap” as expected and after 30 seconds I’m seeing a “session timeout” log in ACS log.
Due to this the CPE sends the BOOTSTRAP again.

Is this 2nd bootstrap expected &
why am i seeing the “session timeout” and
who is responsible for this issue? (CPE/ACS)
Please suggest fix if known.

2023-11-12T18:22:42.213Z [INFO] ::ffff: 001095-NUININ-CPE2301LF022: Inform; cpeRequestId="1" informEvent="0 BOOTSTRAP,1 BOOT" informRetryCount=0
2023-11-12T18:23:12.218Z [ERROR] ::ffff: 001095-NUININ-CPE2301LF022: Session timeout; sessionTimestamp=1699813362078
2023-11-12T18:24:52.498Z [INFO] ::ffff: 001095-NUININ-CPE2301LF022: Inform; cpeRequestId="2" informEvent="0 BOOTSTRAP,1 BOOT" informRetryCount=2

Thanks in advance.

Yes, per the spec the CPE resends the event if there is a fault when communicating with the ACS.

Your log doesn’t show much going on. What provisions/presets do you have, and what are they doing? I’ve seen the session timeout when CPEs do weird stuff against the spec like terminating the connection immediately when you do a SPV.

As far as I know, the ACS is configured to do SPV for 3 parameters on receiving Bootstrap, no other preset is there.

On checking with the packet capture, we’re seeing no response from ACS for the EMPTY request sent from router. In that case should I resent the EMPTY request again or close the session & retry the entire process with new session?

The router is sending a request to the ACS that has no SOAP body? I’m not an expert on the CWMP protocol, but I do believe that is in violation of the specification and something that should be brought to the vendors attention so they can resolve it.