PPPoE Re-connect


I’m testing GenieACS here at the company. I installed version 1.2.0 -beta.0 + 20190730182732 on debian 10.

In tests, SOME times that I send a command to the CPE, the CPE is in a kind of loop, disconnecting and reconnecting to the server. in those attempts where this occurs, the
command is not accepted by the customer’s CPE. (the router is not restarting…)

The SAME command sent at another time is accepted and validated at the CPE.


It would be helpful if you can upload the debug request/response log for the CPE to pastebin.

how do i activate debug? I only have log for:


Go in the GUI at Admin > Config, and add a new config with key ‘cwmp.debug’ and value 1 to enable debug for all devices or if you want just for one device:

id = '<your device ID>'

Plus , you must have in the genieacs.env the line:


Here… https://pastebin.com/3kZJn9XV

I Send alter in SSID…

The CPE remains connected for 36 seconds to the PPPoE and then disconnects. several times, I believe more than 10 disconnections.

after this cycle, it reconnects and stays connected (the change is not applied when these disconnections occur)

I think that for every 20 attempts, only once works and does not keep restarting the CPE and the change is validated.

Your CPE is doing something goofy. It keeps posting 0 length responses to the ACS.

strange, I saw an answer with 401 too. do you have any idea how to solve?

access to cpe is very slow. Could he have answered zero for a “timeout”?

…someone? :pensive: