Provision ONT using Genieacs

Hi guys can you help me how to provision using genieacs?

It sounds like you might need professional help getting GenieACS configured. I suggest you email and get a support contract.

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If you are talking about the low level provisioning, I don’t believe you can do this over TR069 protocols.

By low level provisioning, I assume you mean setting up the ONT stack, assigning C Vlan and S Vlan, optical bandwidth and other QoS parameters.

In our case, we are using Nokia Alcatel network equipment and we use their AMS/APC Northbound API to provision. DHCP assigns an Inform address then we manage things like Wifi and other onboard services through the ACS.

So first check is to find out what you mean by “Provision” and ONT.


Hi Mark, I’m still new to this technology. allow me to share my experiment what am I trying to do is to auto assign an IP on the ONT using Genieacs is it possible?

Usually the ONT already has a stack and has been given a DHCP address plus an option field to send inform request to. Until that happens, the ACS cannot talk to the ONT so an issued IP address is a prereq.

In the ONTs I am using, there are a few DHCP settings that can be tweaked via a vendor custom parameters (in our case ALU-COM…).

Start with your ONT vendor and how they deploy stacks (or if they have a default management (network-side) stack with a management vlan and an interface to the ONT where you can setup the front side consumer stack.).

Again, in our case, the provisioning is controlled by the vendor provisioning APIs. Once they have a stack and an IP address, we use the ACS to program TR069 values of concern.

I have a lot on my plate right now so you may experience delays between responses.