Hi, zaidka - please look my issue- HOW TO CONFIGURE OLT side for TR069 to connect ONT


do u have any documents regarding ACS. Apart from that installation document.

We are trying to connect ONU with OLT and want to display devices. But in Genieacs i am not getting device info.

can u pls share , if u have any documents

If you would like support directly from the creator of GenieACS, then you need to email sales@genieacs.com and get a support contract.

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its free ?

No, why should it be free?


ok jonas

can any one explains, how to configure OLT side for TR069 to detect ONT. Pls briefly explain

Have you seen the oficial documentation?


And here you have an example of the configuration script

Hello @soban , what kind of OLT (vendor) do you have ?

syrotech SY-GOPON-4OLT-L3