No contact result from CPE

I put some tests on genieACS v1.2.8. on 2 CPE different models, Model_A (ISO-8859-1) and Model_B(UTF-8).
The result I get is that Model_B can respond while the another cannot.
When I try to get some parameters from CPE Model_A, the respond I get is “No contact from CPE”.
I am not sure what the problem is but my assumption is the charset problem since I explore on the code at genieacs-cwmp.
Do you have any idea or any suggestion on solving this problem?

Thank you.


@zaidka Have you ever faced this problem?

Do you see any exceptions being raised in the logs of genieacs-cwmp process?

Do you mean genieacs-cwmp-access.log? If yes, It show this. No found exceptions.