Cwmp.9003 error

I installed genieacs-1.1.1 and genieacs-1.1.3 , they work well with my cpes.
But there’s cwmp.9003 error in genieacs-1.2.0 when I set value or only refresh parameters for cpe , the new web ui returns "No contact from device " , and then the faults list appered “inform cwmp.9003” , but the task executed successfully.

I get the packets with wireshark and find the reason is that genieacs send “GetParameterNames” with null “ParameterPath” to CPE at the end of cwmp session , can you tell me how to fix it, thank you!

This is a valid request. An empty <ParameterPath> means root. The CPE response should list the top level parameter (e.g. InternetGatewayDevice).