No contact from device , on Tenda HG305-G

Hello, I am using genieacs 1.2 to manage a ONUS model HG305-G, the UNUs register correctly on the server,and I see all the info about it , but when I want to modify any value, such as the ssid of the Wi-Fi network, I receive the following error “No contact from device”, to the IP of the device I arrive correctly, that I could try to correct this problem ?, as I add that using the same server and against a mikrotik rb750 with the tr-069 client configured, I do not have this problem , greetings and thanks!

Sounds like it might be an issue with the device itself. Use wireshark/tcpdump to debug the communication between the CWMP and the CPE.

I have same issue with different CPEs

I have same issue with different device. I am using v1.2. Also, it seems to be timeout and then updated automatically

I have the same error on another device. I also think this is a timeout error. On Wireshark I can see that the device sends a lot of packets for about 10 seconds, and the ACS after 4 seconds says “No contact from device”. ACS does not wait for the device to finish sending packets. This only happens when I try to refresh the root of “Device”.

Yes, I faced exactly the same issue with you. There must be a timeout settings for ACS to wait response session longer from CPE

In v1.2, you can set the config cwmp.deviceOnlineThreshold to adjust how long to wait before timing out. It’s 4000 (in milliseconds) by default.

In v1.1, set DEVICE_ONLINE_THRESHOLD in config.json.

Thanks. This is helpful.


Hi Carlos here and I have the same problem. Excuse me for not knowing too much, but where and how do I exactly change cwmp.deviceOnlineThreshold.

Thanks in advance

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