MikroTik download handling fixed?

@zaidka I’m wondering if the MikroTik download handling (the way it incorrectly abruptly terminates the session sometimes instead of closing gracefully) is finally properly handled by GenieACS in the newer versions? We are still running the old release where the GenieACS GUI runs in Ruby, since I came up with a patch for that version that works around the issues. I would like to upgrade to the newer versions with the updated GUI that no longer requires Ruby but will have to be much more careful with the upgrade process if this issue has not been fixed.

It hasn’t been fixed as of v1.2.3. But I recently committed a fix so it should be in the upcoming v1.2.4. But you can have it now if you install from master branch.

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Wonderful, thanks very much! I’m not in a huge rush, so I will just wait until the 1.2.4 release and test then.