GenieACS 1.2.5 released

This is a small update to address a JavaScript compatibility issue in v1.2.4 rendering the UI completely broken under Safari web browser. That’s not the only change in this release though. A feature that’s been requested a number of times is to allow specifying a custom type when uploading a new file via the files listing page. This is now finally possible.


Thank you for adding the custom file type feature! I just upgraded and tested it and it works great. Our sysadmin will be very happy that he no longer needs to manually make edits to the GenieACS .js files after upgrading.

wow… from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5 only within days

I just do the fresh installation with VirtualBox but i can not find the menu to add the custom type of file. the version shown under genieacs logo is v1.2.5+20210312233623

is it just put “X MIKROTIK Factory Configuration File” as Type when add the new file ?

Please clarify.

thank you