Measure WIFI signal, change parameters, migration from TP-link Agile Acs

Hello there,
Recently I’ve started using Agile Acs from Tp-link. I’ve connected few TP-Link routers to the server developed by Tp-link, but there is few problems with it. I can’t access any API functions to WEB api functionality, couse this server is complete black box, that can’t be modified or some how maintained.
So I’ve decide to try Genie Acs. I have installed it and connect router, but the thing is - I can’t understand how to change setting and how to measure speed on the link from router to any server. How to see the WI-FI signal or do anything withing Genie ACS. I would like to know is there any kind of extensions/addons to Genie ACS that will allow me to perform tasks that are available in Agile ACS with web interface and API calls. Thank You. Or how can I manually add this functions that are present in TP-link solution and merge them to Genie project.
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The ACS that TP-Link “developed” is really GenieACS that TPLink has rebranded.

To measure the link speed between the CPE and the Internet, the device has to support TR-143 and you have to create an upload and download endpoint on the target server.

GenieACS is fully scriptable, and can call outside code if necessary to accomplish what ever your goal is. I’m using it to create complete integration with our custom developed subscriber management software. When a new CPE comes online, I have a GenieACS provision script which calls external code which then asks our subscriber mgmt software what configuration the CPE should be in. And then the rest of the provision script does its job. We have “zero-touch” deployment.

You will want to review the GenieACS documentation, and if you need professional consulting and support services, please email @zaidka.

Here are is an automated download and upload test performed on a subscriber using the diagnostic capabilities of TR-143.

Integration between our subscriber mgmt software and GenieACS:

WiFi signal strength can been inferred by looking at the RSSI value.

Is this option is available in Genie ACS interface.

No. This is part of our custom developed subscriber management software.

Is there any scripting or other info available to access this information INSIDE the GenieACS web UI? (I am NOT talking about the external integration like you’ve done – which is cool – Just trying to make GenieACS work stand-alone.


Not directly. You should be able to write a parameter renderer to do that though. I’m not sure if they are still supported in v1.2. We are still on v1.1 as I haven’t had time to upgrade.