How to test connection from ACS to CPE

My Device last inform status was online but when try to summon get status device offline.

One possible cause of this is GenieACS is unable to authenticate to the CPE. Check the genieacs logs to see what might be going on.

How to see GenieACS Log?

the ConnectionRequestUsername and Password was same, I don’t know what was going on, please help me

You are going to need to break out tcpdump/wireshark and see where the packets are going. And look at the log files.

Log file information is in the documentation.

This genieacs-debug.yaml

Please help me

Looks like a device issue. You need to break out wireshark/tcpdump and look at the packets to see whats going on. is a private IP address. Is the device behind NAT ? If so, you will need XMPP or STUN to initiate a connection from the server.

It depends entirely on how the CPE is configured. All of our CPEs have two interfaces. Public internet, and private management. I can assure you with 100% certainty we do not use XMPP or STUN.

I understand. I do the same since it’s security best practice to separate management and internet into two different WANs and keep the management private. But that not everybody that do it, even less beginner.

But, what the OP describe seems like a NAT issue (CPE to server work fine but connection initiated by server fail) and the debug output show a private IP address. That why I asked if behind NAT.