I am having issue to simulate a CONNECTION REQUEST from ACS to CPE.

Is there a way to simulate this method using GenieACS?

What is the rule to create the credentials?

Do I need to use Device ID as user ID?

there is a genieacs-simulator you can use. Look in the github repo.

My questions is how to build / call the CONNECTION REQUEST function having a Genie being tested with some ONUs?
Can you give some guidance about usage of this feature?

I’m not understanding what you are trying to do.

Are you trying to initiate a connection from the ACS to the CPE?

This is absolutely correct. We are trying to force GenieACS to send a connection request to CPE, in order to confirm if CPE will send a Inform in less than 30 seconds.

The question is how to force Genie to send a connection request. Can you send to us an example?

The link in my previous comment tells you exactly how to send a connection request to the CPE.

We made some progress: Using the example in the wiki page, we issued the command below. However, it looks like that CONNECT REQUEST was not accepted, because CPE didn´t issue a INFORM stating that the event was related to CONNECTION REQUEST. Moreover the change was sucessfully executed just when reached the interval of Periodic Inform, which was set to 200 seconds.

curl -i ‘http://localhost:7557/devices/00D0CB-ONT-FRKW63f183c8/tasks?timeout=3000&connection_request

--data '{ "name": "getParameterValues", "parameterNames": ["InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.WLANConfiguration.1.SSID"] }'

I am guessing that the our assumption is correct, I mean, issuing a connecting request via NBI, should request a CPE to start a INFORM within 30 sec , allowing us to proceed with the comissioning activities.
Could you please confirm?

This should cause the CPE to inform right away.

As a test, you can try sending a request to the address in InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer.ConnectionRequestURL of the CPE. Example:

curl -i

If you don’t see a connection request right away from the CPE to the ACS, then there might be something wrong with the config on the CPE.


The sittuation is getting better. CONNECTION REQUEST issue is over, but I found a problem while testing NBI with Postman tool. The NBI works perfectly when I use curl commands in terminal to test SET/GET parameter values through ACS to configure CPE. However, the procedure doesn’t work when I use the same commands in Postman application. For example:
The URL command used to set SSID using NBI interface through connection request is the following:

“name”: “setParameterValues”,
“parameterValues”: [
Where 00D0CB-ONT-FRKW63f183c8 is the device ID and (2) is the JSON message. But when I send this message, I got an 500 internal server error message, accusing that “task name not recognized”.
Do you know what is causing this problem? Is there any problem with the connection request instruction that I’m sending?

Everything on the surface looks good. I’d use wireshark and look at the packets generated via curl and those via Postman. As my buddy likes to say, “the packets don’t lie”

The issue is over. It is working without problem.

Thanks a lot for your support and you may close the thread.

Remark: I have another issue with Firmware upgrade, but I will open a new discussion topic.