Having issues setting up a new install

Guess Im asking rookie questions here but I am trying to get something set up I work with a small ISP in Ontario Canada and want to see if this works well for us so I am dooing a Proof of Concept test to show to my management anyways more on that later

Right now I can get GenieACS downloaded and installed so far but when I go to start services all services fail I have done this on multiple installations and come to the same wall every time I cannot start the services they fail out every time
Amazon Ubuntu 20.4 on EC2
Ubuntu 20.4 on Windows Hyper V
Please note using the following
MongoDB Community V5.0
and both virtual machines are fully updated

1 the .env file does it need to have all the variables built out in it ?
2 does MongoDB need to be configured for a genieacs user before it will connect
3 are there sample .env or configurations that can be posted without posting sensitive info ?

Thanks in advance