Scratch Installation Guide Request

Can anyone share steps for installation from scratch since most of the time the services fail to start or installation does not work. Also i am unable to find any scratch installation method for installing the genieacs on 18.04. i actually need to change the auth.ts file and create a build.

Please help.

Have you tried the documentation ?

Yes i have tried the installation guide and its does have steps for scratch installation.

You need to install node and mangodb first.

Instruction for node but you should change the version for the current LTS

Mango can be simply install from repo.

I have already installed nodejs and mongodb successfuly have also cloned the genieacs from git.

need the steps post that.

You want to compile it. Why not simply install it with npm ?

Anyway, from my old note, for debian 8 and node 8. You will probably have to adjust some stuff but it could probably help.

curl -sL | bash -
apt install checkinstall build-essential zlib1g-dev libssl-dev libreadline6-dev libyaml-dev sudo unzip redis-server libsqlite3-dev curl tmux git nodejs
cd /opt
git clone
cd genieacs
git checkout $(git tag -l v1.1.* --sort=-v:refname | head -n 1)
npm install
npm run compile
mkdir /var/log/genieacs
useradd genieacs
chown -R genieacs:genieacs /opt/genieacs
chown -R genieacs:genieacs /var/log/genieacs

after, follow the previous install instruction after the Attention part for startup script.

you were following the old documentation.