How to install geneacs1.2 in ubuntu 18.04 step by step

hello everybody
I have installed the genieacs 1.2 program from the documents of the genieace site Installation Guide — GenieACS Documentation 1.2.5 documentation , but the service does not start. Are there complete documentation for installation?

Hi, genieacs has 4 services (cwmp, nbi, fs and ui), all have problems? paste here the genieacs.env and the systemd service definition for the ones that don’t work and also the output of systemctl status genieacs-cwmp


I have a doubt, to start Genieacs, need to start all 4-services. When i started these 4-services, i am getting error UI_JWT_SECRET is not set.

If i run environmental file, with out running services. UI is running with port no 3000 and i am able to login genieacs.

i understand like, its optional to run environment file or 4 -services.

Am i correct.