I'm trying to use GenieACS and do a very limited PoC

Hello GenieACS community,

I’m new to TR-069 and new to GenieACS, I have some beginner experience with nodejs and js in general.

What I’m trying to do here is to just make a very small PoC using GenieACS to connect it to a specific CPE and play with it.

What I’ve done is the following:
1- I installed Oracle VB locally to my laptop and installed Ubuntu 18.4 image on it
2- I did all the steps in the installation guide (https://docs.genieacs.com/en/latest/installation-guide.html)
3- I did all the steps to make the environment variables (https://docs.genieacs.com/en/latest/environment-variables.html) today
4- after that, how can I launch GenieACS and access it?
5- How can I integrate it with the CPE I have and how?

I know my questions sound very beginner but I hope the community can support me.


I’m running the launch scripts for genieacs and at first it gives me that the components are running, then it starts to fail

mongodb service is running? please make sure the environment variables are prefixed with GENIEACS_.
You can see what is causing problems by looking at each service logs: journalctl -u genieacs-cwmp.service
After all services are up & running you need to configure the TR069 settings of at least one CPE with your ACS IP & port.

I checked and yest mongodb was failing because the service was pointing to a config file name that is not completely correct

now mongodb is running , I will try and run the GenieACS

for the environment variables they are all prefixed with GENIEACS_

wooohaaa … finally working :smiley: