GUI enhancements and plans for 2019

Hi all! I was wondering if there’s any roadmap for desire for enhancing the GUI for some common operations you might like to do with GenieACS
A few things that might come in useful for the majority of users

  • Speed and latency tests (TR-143) from the GUI
  • Firmware management ie scheduling devices for firmware updates in batches, updating when certain preconditions are met etc.
  • Preset search and filtering (I see there is a PR, maybe it can be finished and merged?
  • Viewing a history of VALUE CHANGED per device for parameters you care about
  • Maybe some other useful operations? Genie is the first ACS I’ve used so perhaps I am missing some other obvious features

Of course some of these things are possible with either the API or provisioning scripts (and it’s how I do them) but if a lot of users find them useful perhaps core support might make sense

The GUI will receive a lot of love this year. It has been rewritten from scratch with modularity in mind. I’m primarily focusing on building the platform so I don’t know if I’ll have the time for features in particular data models (e.g. diagnostics). It is my hope that these features can be implemented as modules.

This can already be automated entirely using provision scripts. Maybe you’re thinking predefined template scripts? I guess that’s possible. Ideas are welcome.

There are some improvements on that front in the new UI.

I currently use extensions to save param history in a database. I am debating having built-in support for that though I don’t have solid plans yet.

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It is already possible to perform speed/latency tests from the UI.

InternetGatewayDevice.DownloadDiagnostics.DiagnosticsState: Requested

Wait for the 8 DIAGNOSTICS COMPLETE message then refresh InternetGatewayDevice.DownloadDiagnostics. This is how I started testing the capabilities of our CPEs. I’ve since moved on two writing code in our subscriber mgmt system to initiate upload/download/ipping tests in preparation for CAF testing.


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I apologize for my ignorance, so please bear with me. To perform the speed/latency test from the UI, could you please give detailed instructions?

I tried going into the device parameters and setting

InternetGatewayDevice.DownloadDiagnostics.DiagnosticsState: Requested

and committing, but I get the following response

|setParameterValues|2019-04-03T19:11:36.887Z|cwmp.9007|Invalid Parameter Value|FAULTCODE: 9007 FAULTSTRING: Invalid Parameter Value SETPARAMETERVALUESFAULT: [{“parameterName”=>“InternetGatewayDevice.DownloadDiagnostics.DiagnosticsState”, “faultCode”=>“9007”, “faultString”=>“Invalid Parameter Value”}]|0|[Retry]

Clearly I am misunderstanding something…

Thank you.

9000 errors are client errors. You would need to check the device log for more information.

I had same issues… with huawei onu, zte,tplink cant make a download diagnostic.
InternetGatewayDevice.DownloadDiagnostics.DiagnosticsState = Requested

faultCode: “9003”
faultString: Invalid arguments
setParameterValuesFault: null