GenieACS 1.2.10 released

At long last, GenieACS v1.2.10 has finally been released. This is a significant
release, and the changelog doesn’t do justice to the amount of work that has gone
into it. Much of the work has been on refactoring and improving the performance
and stability of various areas of the system, as well as improving CPE
interoperability. But here are the highlights from the changelog:

  • Add support for XMPP connection requests. Use the environment variables
    XMPP_JID and XMPP_PASSWORD to configure the XMPP connection for the ACS.

  • The environment variables CWMP_SSL_CERT and CWMP_SSL_KEY, as well as their
    counterparts for UI, NBI, and FS, now accept PEM-encoded certificates and keys
    in addition to file paths.

  • The UI no longer requires users to refresh the page after modifying presets,
    provisions, or virtual parameters. Refreshing is now only necessary for
    changes to users, permissions, or UI configurations.

  • Improved conversion of GenieACS expressions into MongoDB queries for more
    optimized queries and better index utilization.

  • Refactor UI pagination and sorting to fix issues from the previous approach,
    especially with sorting by rapidly changing parameters such as ‘last inform’

Find the full list of changes in the changelog file or the
release page on GitHub.


Thank you for the new release!!!

What is the best way to update to the latest version a production system?

Cheers :wink:

Awsome Zaïd. The refresh is great news. Thank for your hard work.

So, if I understand well, to use XMPP, we must authenticate GenieACS as a client on the XMPP server just like the CPE.