UI Feature ideas

I have been testing with genieacs for some time.
I found some features that could improve the genieacs ui.
1.) Costume Dropdowns, with administrator defined values or values from a list provided by the CPE.
2.) Costume Links with parameters from the device, for e.g. jumping into the line-debug-page or costumer infromations.
3.) Informationmarkers for text. So that the administrator can add (long/multiline) text to the different functions in the UI. e.g. what does a value mean or what possible values the service technician can expect in a field.
4.) Costume action buttons, which would set a list of parameters on the cpe or run a provision script once. (like the summon button) e.g. activating static IPv6 which are 3 different steps including an database lookup.

This is already possible. Please review genieacs-gui/config/parameters_edit.yml

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I am running the new UI version from 1.2, I should have mentioned that in the first post.
I have checked the source code and there is only a select option if the value is from type boolean.

About 2
I have created a branch, that allows to ad dynamic links with the device ID, it is based on the device link component:

For static links, it is already possible to add them to genieacs

- href: '"https://forum.genieacs.com"'
  innerHTML: "'Forum'"
  type: "'a'"
  target: "'_blank'"

That can also be useful in some cases.

Is it possible to add dynamic links with the external IP address (WAN IP)? Like:

- href: VirtualParameters.RouterIP
  innerHTML: "'Access to RouterIP'"
  type: "'a'"
  target: "'_blank'"