Upgrade Genieacs to latest beta

I see that there is some sort of First run wiz in the latest beta. Will this play nicely with an existing install of Genie?
In other words, can I upgrade an existing GenieACS to the latest pre-release?

Yes it’s safe to run the wizard when upgrading. It won’t let you override any existing data.

Great, thanks! I’ve had a few bumps, but it seems to be working. However, I can’t seem to find any mention UDP_CONNECTION_REQUEST_PORT. Is this still supported, or is it done in a different way now?

Yes it is. Many of the config options have been moved to the database (not yet documented) though you should be able to use your old config.json. But otherwise you can set it from the config page under the admin tab. Simply add ‘cwmp.udpConnectionRequestPort’ and the value is the port number.

Awesome, thanks! The new version seems very nice and installed without a hitch! Though a few of the presets got b0rked, it migrated fairly ok. :slight_smile:

I see that someone else has asked about this too, but not sure if it has been answered:
Channel has faulted; channel=“task_5d5ba375616413408cef0383” retries=0 faultCode=“too_many_rpcs” faultMessage=“Too many RPC requests”
I get this little gem when I refresh the whole device-tree on a device. I seem to remember that it is possible to tweak the timout/retries?

That shouldn’t happen. Can you help me reproduce it?

I’ll be adding a config option to tweak the max number of requests in a session to avoid this fault.

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Trying to figure out why it’s complaining. It seems that the presets that both runs a provision AND add or remove a tag are uneditable from the new ui. There was also a condition or two that dropped out of a few presets, but I had to change them in a hurry and didn’t really take note of what broke…

I ran the previous Genie from a docker-container, now it’s running “bare metal” as it is easier to install and edit. It’s still on the same DB, but firing up the “old” instance is a bit of a pain as it interferes with the new version.