Genie ACS + AWS, scalability questions

Hi There,

I have a few questions that might seem a little silly to a few of you, but I’m trying to figure out what is the best way to use genieacs with the project I’m working on.

  1. Just wondering if anyone from this forum has installed GenieACS on aws, if so, did you containerise it prior or did you just do a plain installation?
  2. Whats the scalability of genie? Say there was 100,000 connected devices, what type of service would be required, would we want to load-balance or use another product?

Look forward to your replies!


Hello Dan,
their is an example how to test performance:

It depends on the informtime and which scripts are running, how many devices are handled. I saw a performance increment with 1.2.5 at the ui.

Cheers @JonasGhost that document was actually pretty good, we’ll do some testing but I think the inform might only need to be once every 24 hours. Currently we have 4k CPE’s with about another 6k to go live by June, we’re using a vendor-provided ACS currently that got no API interface that we need to integrate into our internal tooling, hence looking at this as a solution.