GenieACS reference deployment

I’m asking if genieACS has bee really deployed for commercial use by any of the service providers?
Is there any reference deployment? any numbers of connected devices?

I’m evaluating it for commercial use, one of the requirements is to provide reference deployments by service providers in life environment

It has.

I wouldn’t say there’s a specific reference deployment since each provider will utilise different mechanisms for provisioning CPE devices with configuration. Off the top of my head, some options you can use here: Flat files, REST APIs, RADIUS, some custom OSS/BSS DB lookup?

Different providers have different methodologies so there’s no one-size-fits-all.

All I can suggest is deploy it. Ask questions. I will say that unfortunately the documentation is not the greatest for GenieACS… The scripting side/sandbox elements drive me nuts… (e.g. why can I not get some of the HTTP headers for the SOAP request?) and the DSL for provisionioning is a little terse and will take you a while before you stop tearing your hair out…

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He have been using GenieACS since the 1.0 days, and currently have 1.1.3 deployed. I have in fact contributed a lot of the documentation you see on the wiki.

While I cannot give you the number of devices we have deployed, I will say it is in multiple of thousands. I believe @zaidka said on the mailing list they had over 100k deployed at Fanoos using GenieACS.

Ah the good old days… Though technically speaking it wasn’t GenieACS, it was ‘genied’ which was its name initially before it was open sourced as GenieACS :slight_smile:

The biggest deployment that I’m aware of is just over 300k. With the right deployment architecture you could go well beyond that.

We’re getting there, albeit slowly. The new documentation hosted at is at least pretending to look professional :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to hijack the thread but let me share a bit of context as to why simple things like this are more complex than they may seem:

At some point in the future I plan to make Genie be able to skip executing the scripts that it knows won’t have any effect (i.e. all declare statements are guaranteed to be already satisfied). This would have a significant performance improvement but Genie is already plenty fast so this is not really a priority at this point. For this kind of black magic to even be possible we need the execution context to be predictable. So any information leaking from outside of the CPE data model (e.g. HTTP headers) is going to be a problem in the future. That’s not to say it’s not doable, it just needs to be planned right.

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thanks all of your for the information, I would like to know more names other than Fanoos telecom who has GenieACS or the former “genied” deployed as ACS.

can you name other names?

While I can’t name them without asking, we have deployed GenieACS at 5 or so ISP’s with thousands of customers here in Norway. This includes one of the largest 3 providers. Either as a standalone provisioning systems or in conjunction with BECS (both the version provided with BECS and the vanilla). These are only the ones I know about, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more. We used to provide OpenACS but have mostly migrated to GenieACS by now.