New user testing GenieACS

Hello. I’m checking GenieACS as a auto TR069 solution for our CPE. After my unseuccesful attempt of installation through the GenieACS manual, i managed to get it installed with a docker image.

Now i have GenieACS installed on a VM on a local machine. Is there any way to test the ACS server? What are the parametres needed to make the CPE connect to the server?

Can i download the configuration of a CPE once it’s connected to the server, or do i have to set up the file before?

I have lot of questions and the official manual is really lacking in that sense.

You will need to dive into how TR069 works and play around with things to get a better understanding on how things work. You can also search this forum for specific questions you have, its probably already been addressed.

As for simple testing, you can use the genieacs-sim simulator. The source is on github. This is really only useful though for load testing.

Thanks, trying to look for info on youtube for example shows the GenieACS already set up and connecting a device as demo, but i want to see how everything is set up.

The manual only shows variables after the installation process, that leaves you alone with the software without much more help. Documentation just asumes you already know everything beforehand, wich makes it useless.

Accesing the server via http also doesn’t help much, as there is no server config besides creating a user.

This is patently false. Most of the configuration of GenieACS is done via the web-ui. Documentation for GenieACS, as most other open source projects could use some help. But documentation is not something fun to write. If you have suggestions in this area, you are free to submit a pull request on Github with your changes.

GenieACS is not, nor will it ever by plug and play. You will need to become familiar with the TR069 and related specifications. You need to point some CPEs at your ACS and play around with things.