Custom File Types?


Is there any possibility to get an Admin->Config option to add new custom file types to the built in list? (i.e. other than “1 Firmware Upgrade Image”, “2 Web Content” etc). This would be useful for devices like MikroTik that have a custom file type. I can work around this by editing the source code but would rather avoid having to edit the source code because then I have to change it manually after upgrading each time.

If you are comfortable editing the source code, why not submit a patch that moves all of the file type options into the config? This would probably be the cleanest way to approach this.

I might be able to, but JavaScript (especially Node.JS) gives me a headache with all the callbacks. Even coming up with a temporary workaround for my MikroTik configuration issue (which is finally going to be fixed in 1.2.4) took me probably 18-24 hours of tracing through the code.

The good news is Genie has moved to Typescript, the down side is initial setup is slightly more complicated because you have to get the Typescript transpiler installed and setup. The upside is with a good IDE you will get good parameter insight, and the Typescript transpiler tries very hard to keep you from passing in data/parameters that don’t match what is expected.