Files not listed when trying to push a file


I have installed a fresh server on ubuntu 18.04. All features work correctly accept I cannot push a file to the mikrotik box.
I have uploaded the config and can view it under files but when I try the push option, it does not display the list of files.

Any ideas?


You need to have a file uploaded to the ACS that matches the product class of the device.


Thanks. How do I find the product class of the device.

I’m using a fg8002 router and a mikrotik router.


It is shown in the Device Page in the UI.

i need to modify existing configuration of the mikrotik router through genieacs. I am using mikrotik 2011 and i have uploaded configuration file with .rsc and .txt in to the files. but those files not show in the push file selection window.

When you uploaded those files, did you give the right information about the product class? You might not need to tell it the OUI but the file will need to match the product class at a minimum.

A screenshot would be handy for us to help you further.

thanks dear, when i add product class issue resolved