Connected Devices don't go away

Good morning, I have a question, I remember that when disconnecting a device it disappeared from GenieACS in the InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.Hosts.Host.1.* parameter, so even when disconnecting the WiFi Device or Disconnecting from the Cable, the devices are still there and never disappear. Even reloading the entire Host parameter, or one by one they keep it there. Would anyone know somehow? I’ve already changed the DHCP Release Time of the router but still I couldn’t get something.

I appreciate if anyone can help.

Those values come from the CPE itself. You could use this parameter to determine if the host is still active. InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.{i}.Hosts.Host.{i}.Active

Whether or not the host is currently present on the LAN. The method of presence detection is a local matter to the CPE.

The ability to list inactive hosts is OPTIONAL. If the CPE includes inactive hosts in this table, this variable MUST be set to false for each inactive host. The length of time an inactive host remains listed in this table is a local matter to the CPE.

Yes, I had already noticed this from Active, but there are routers that do not have this parameter and they are listed and never disappear.

There is nothing you can do, short of your own filtering of the Hosts table before you display it.

Hi, you could make a provision to remove them at each boot but you will hit the commit iteration limit if the number is high.

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Wonderful, could you explain me better how this provision would be?

something like:

declare('InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.Hosts.Host.*', {path:}, {path: 0});

but it’s important to have this provision run only at 1 BOOT event. Probably would be best to remove just the inactive ones or only part of them.

The hosts table is not writable, so you cannot do any filtering/removal/editing of entries in GenieACS. Filtering needs to be done on the client side.


You are right, even though the devices I have are returning the nodes as writable, which in theory would mean I can delete or add them, any attempt to do this returns a CWMP fault error. I looked up in the backups for the provisioning script I remembered I had and it was a different table for hosts where this was allowed … but only a few of the device models have this:

declare("InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.X_HW_UserDev.[DevStatus:Offline]", null, {path: 0});

sorry for misleading :slightly_frowning_face: