LAN hosts is not refresh automaticaly

help me this is my laptop or mobile show below images this is disconnected

but LAN Hosts is showing all not connected devices
lan host

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Nothing refreshes automatically. You need to write a provision script that is initiated by a preset to do that work.

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Yes @akcoder is right.

There are a couple of reasons why LAN Hosts might show devices that are currently disconnected:

  • The device was recently connected: It’s possible that the device you’re referring to was connected to your network at some point recently, and LAN Hosts hasn’t yet refreshed its list to reflect that it’s no longer connected.
  • The device is on a different subnet: If your network is divided into multiple subnets, devices on a different subnet might not be directly reachable from the device that is running LAN Hosts, but they may still be shown on the list.
  • Stale cache: LAN Hosts might be relying on cached data to populate its list. This cache may take some time to update to reflect the current state of your network.